Big Brother Mzansi Evictee Terry To Continue Sharing Explicit Content On OnlyFans

Former Big Brother contestant Gugu Bonga, aka Terry Treasure, has said she will continue sharing content on her OnlyFans page following her exit from Big Brother Mzansi.

Terry was evicted from Big Brother nine weeks after entering the house. Only five contestants remain now for the final; Themba, Tulz, Libo, Mphowabadimo and Gash1.

Speaking in an interview with Sunday World, Terry hinted that she won’t stop posting raunchy and explicit adult content on subscription service OnlyFans: “I have already posted my first video since I got out of the house, but I also want to do yoga and get stretch classes involved. I feel like the body needs to be at its ultimate flexibility to achieve full sexual pleasure.”

On #BBM, she revealed that she makes not less than R50K to R100k in a month on her OnlyFans account. She is likely going to start making a fortune since she has become popular now following her Big Brother appearance.

Former #BBM contestant Dinky Bliss leaked Terry’s nude pictures from her OnlyFans after her eviction, and South Africans heavily lashed on her, hoping for Terry to sue her once she leaves Big Brother. Terry has addressed that issue to TshisaLIVE.

“My mom was not happy with what Dinky had done and she wants us to sue. But I was mature and thought I’m not about to entertain that. I feel like I’ve moved past that/ I was not even outside and she did that. It’s whatever. I blocked her.”

Despite the sadness that comes with leaving Big Brother, Terry said the positive messages she has been receiving have lifted her spirits up

“Seeing the positive messages made leaving the show so much better. When I came out of the house I was very nervures about what’s going to happen and how I should feel. I don’t plan on stopping Only Fans. I’m glad to be back. I don’t feel any qualms about not getting the R1m, but I know I’m going to get it regardless.”

In the house, Terry kindled a relationship with Vyno, who got evicted about a month ago. Terry and Vyno have since made their relationship official.

“It was so weird. It felt like we were dating in a box. I never intended catching feelings for Vyno. I wanted to friendzone him but something just happened,” she blushed.

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