Dineo Ranaka Speaks On Why She Has So Many Baby Daddies

Outspoken radio personality, Dineo Ranaka recently spilled the tea on why she has so many baby daddies.

“My marriage didn’t work because I was beaten up with a baby in my arms.Do you understand that? My marriage didn’t work because I was beaten up by my ex-husband. It had nothing to do with me and being a strong woman. When a man hits you or when a woman hits you. Like, if we’re in a relationship and I hit you, it has nothing to do with how strong you are. It has everything to do with me [the abuser] and how broken I am to see fit to hit you. So that is a problem. I would have forgiven him for a lot of things but I cannot forgive a person for physically abusing me. My father doesn’t beat me. Why are you beating me, I’m not your child. I don’t need to be disciplined,”

Speaking during an interview on Podcast And Chill with MacG, which aired on YouTube on 31 March 2022, Mac G asked Dineo why she has so many baby daddies.

“I have many baby daddies because number 1 am very f**ckin fertile,” she said as Mac G and Sol Phenduka laughed at her response.

She said that she doesn’t believe in hoarding human beings. She said  if one’s time has expired in her life she moves on to the next. Dineo added that she was not going to hold back her life just because her relationship with one man wasn’t working out.

The charismatic radio personality went on to liken her having babies with different men to winning awards at different radio stations. She said her children are awards she got from her failed relationships and they make her life okay.

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