Fans are worried about Zola 7

It’s been months since iconic Kwaito legend Zola 7 made headlines and this caused some of his fans to question his whereabouts. Understandably, when an artist is no longer active on his socials, fans tend to get worried. When a fan spoke about this, Nota Baloyi caused some panic when he said the Kwaito legend is not doing well.

“The last time I heard from Zola was when he was on #PodcastAndChill with MacG. No one checks on iGrootman, literally… but wait, just wait,” said a concerned fan who is worried about the people around Zola.

Nota’s response did not make things better as he alleged that Zola is not doing well at all and does not look good as well. Alluding that it’s because he has 7 kids.

He also said that his 7 kids are being taken care of by their mothers and not him. He also alleged that Muthaland Entertainment label owner Lance Stehr, is the one taking care of his children.

These comments made by the music exec, are worrisome especially to some of Zola’s fans who genuinely care about him. But worry not as TshisaLive got a hold of Zola’s personal assistant and Lance to set the record straight.

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