Film and Publications Board is investigating the graphic sex scene on ‘The Wife’

The Film and Publication Board (FPB) has expressed concern over the widely shared graphic sex scene of the Showmax series, ‘The Wife’, on social media.FPB says it may have to consider taking down the graphic sex scene.

The video clip which has been getting shared by the public on social media was taken from season two of the telenovela, ‘The Wife’, and stars Khanyi Mbau and Mondli Makhoba.The scene has been a major topic on social media in the last week, and the actors recently hosted a Twitter space with entertainment commentator Phil Mphela where they answered some of the viewers’ burning questions.

According to FPB acting CEO Dr Mashilo Boloka, the sharing of the clip has the potential of causing harm.“These clips have the potential to cause harm if accessed by children on unregulated online platforms.”

“As the FPB, we are worried about the distribution and wider circulation of this clip by members of the public via social media,”“The Films and Publications Amendment Act does not in any way limit the sharing of content by members of the public, as long as the content is not harmful, illegal and/or prohibited by the Act.”

Boloka says the FPB will be publishing guidelines on what is and isn’t permissible to share online.“We will in due course publish guidelines relating to the sharing of content via digital platforms to the members of the public so they know what is permissible within the new law.” says Boloka.

The FPB says they have begun investigating whether or not ‘The Wife’ is complying with its assigned restriction of 16VSNL.

“The 16 VSNL assigned by Showmax to The Wife will be compliance checked against the justification given by Showmax in the classification report that all distributors with online distributor agreements to self-classify need to complete.“Should the review of the classification rating of the episode be found to be incorrect, the FPB has the powers in terms of section 18J of the FP Amendment Act to re-classify any material that was previously classified in terms of the Act. The findings of the compliance check will be shared with the media and public,” says the FPB.

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