“I Am Okay & Alive”- Heavy K Freaks Out After Learning He Is “Dead” On Social Media

DJ and producer Heavy K was freaking out on Wednesday night after he learned that he was ‘dead’ on social media platforms. The Drumboss, as Heavy K is referred to by his multitude of fans, took to social media to reassure his family, friends and fans that he was alive and well, despite what social media was saying.

Heavy K was the victim of a case of mistaken identity following a cryptic tweet by radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo. Sizwe posted a rest in peace message directed at Heavy. However, because Sizwe was not specific about the Heavy he was referring to, many social media users assumed it was Heavy K.

Sizwe wrote,


It appears that Sizwe was referring to his friend, Heavy Pablo, who is said to have been shot dead. According to unconfirmed reports, Heavy Pablo was shot multiple times at the Marc Mall Sandton.

Some social media users were not happy with Sizwe for how he had worded his post, and accused him of being deliberately clickbaity. Some also lamented that some celebrities are becoming the gatekeepers of information when famous people die.

Author: mzansi

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