Israel Matseke Zulu Slams News That He Will Star Alongside Samuel L Jackson

Israel Matseke Zulu Speaks On News That He Will Star Alongside Samuel L JacksonProlific actor Israel Matseke Zulu has spoken to the media, addressing the news that he is set to feature in a new movie with American legend Samuel L Jackson.Social media users have congratulated the former Gomora star for reportedly landing a role in an upcoming Netflix film where he will star alongside Samuel L. Jackson.

Israel Matseke Zulu spoke to TshisaLIVE in an interview and said the rumour is not true, and this is just one of the many fake stories propagated by social media users.It’s all lies. I don’t know anything about it. You know how social media is. There was even a time when they said I was dead, so I think it’s one of those things.

In 2021 rumours spread that the actor had died after he had taken a social media hiatus. Still, Israel set the record straight, revealing that his left leg had been amputated after battling gangrene for seven years.The Netflix project with Samuel L. Jackson rumour was published by one news outlet, and actor Thabo Rametsi took a screenshot and shared it on his Instagram unknowingly.

I’ve always considered Mr Samuel Jackson the Israel Matseke Zulu of America. If this is real I hope there is no language censorship. Because it’s going to be the most entertaining vulgar project ever. Lol

Israel Matseke Zulu had his leg amputated last year due to gangrene, and he had to quit his role at Gomora. The actor struggled so much with the disease that he had difficulty moving around on set and used a wheelchair during his last scenes on Gomora.Matseke Zulu opened up to the media and said after falling ill; he thought he would die as people kept telling him that he was bewitched.

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