It’s Pearl Thusi VS Bonang, Courtesy Of Big Zulu

Yesterday Big Zulu, the ladies’ man, turned social media on its head.

As reported by iHarare yesterday, the head of Nkabi Nation had a chance to meet up with actress Pearl Thusi. The animated interaction sent tongues waging, as Pearl made a spirited and frisky jump as she embraced the Zulu rapper.

So romantically suggestive was the interaction, that when Big Zulu shared it on his Instagram and Twitter handles, he had to edit a  few things to make it absolutely believable.

He made sure the video pauses at the exact moment he grabs Pearl after she leaps onto him. He also added in his love ballad in the background, Ivolovolo, which features Xowla.

“uPearl Thusi uthi angisamthandi ngilungisa kanjani nkabi nation?? uyakhala uNdlunkulu [Pearl Thusi says I don’t love her anymore. How can I make things right nkabi nation? My queen is crying.,” he gushed in the caption.

Let’s take it back to last week.

Big Zulu met up with Bonang and the two were flirting, with Queen B holding the rapper’s hand. Everyone concluded that the two are dating.

The funny part? The video also includes the song Ivolovo and Big Zulu is wearing the same outfit he had when he met Pearl Thusi.

Social media users were conflicted over Big Zulu having a lovely time with Pearl Thusi, after meeting Bonang last week. Check out some of the reactions below.
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