Private FUNERAL For Boss Zonke!

The family of the Kotini eater released a statement announcing that they will give him a private send off which will be live streamed on March 1.

Thereafter a memorial, or rather ‘special tribute’ celebration which will be attended by close friends, family and selected media houses will also be live streamed.

Links to these two events will be sent out on those days.

“The Makhado family are deeply moved by the global outpouring of support over the past three days,” reads the statement.

Speaking to Daily Sun, family spokesman Sheikani Makhado said they are speechless and Biance is inconsolable.

“THERE ARE no words to describe how we are feeling right now. Waking up knowing we had lost such a beloved family member was hard,” he said.

“Our mum is trying to be strong for the sake of the family and our brother’s wife Bianca is inconsolable. We can’t dispute the fact that we shared him with the rest of the world and we are appreciative of the messages of support we have been getting.”

Tributes have been pouring in from friends and industry colleagues who remember him as a person who was full if life.

Cassper was speechless for a day but after that he said he is finding it hard to let him go.

“This is probably my favorite picture of us. There’s a lil funny story to it. As a man, I am very uncomfortable with another man touching me or worse, being behind me. So when Riky creeped up behind me in the middle of an interview, what I really wanna do is turn around and ask “Which one is this one now” lol…

Author: mzansi