Rasta’s Painting Of DJ Dimplez Wows Mzansi

‘Mooi Will Rest In Peace’ Rasta’s Painting Of DJ Dimplez Wows Mzansi

Painter Lebani Sirenje, popularly known as Rasta, has always been caught on the other side as his drawings are often scrutinised by social media users.

However, this time it appears Rasta has got it!!!

The painter recently paid tribute to the late DJ Dimplez and it appears Mzansi has raised the thumb.

Taking to his Twitter page, Rasta uploaded two pictures and captioned them:

“DJ Dimplez, Rest our Brother in Music and Rest in Power Boitumelo Mooi.”

Fans have since reacted to Rasta’s painting and applauded him for the “good work.”

Some have even questioned if it is really Rasta who did the painting.

Below are some of the comments from the post:

“Aikhona Rastaman, this is not your trademark, we all know that your drawing should make us guess who did you draw until you yourself tell us who did you draw, this one, is no no, your true trademark is to make us guess!!!”

“With this master piece , I am sure Mooi will rest in Peace.”

“Ai is this really Rasta’s work?  ”

DJ Dimplez was laid to rest on Friday following a private ceremony.

Dimplez passed on last week after he suffered a sudden brain hemorrhage according to his family.

Rasta has become notorious for his paintings of prominent deceased people, mainly South Africans. His paintings somehow never seem to resemble their subjects at all.

They usually seem to be caricatures of the deceased and this has led to speculation that Rasta does this deliberately to attract attention.

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