South Africans Finds Humour In The Russia-Ukraine War

Send Mabena To Represent Us

With the launch of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, one would expect the Twitter streets to be reeking with serious tweets and “Pray for Ukraine” messages. Not in South Africa.

SA Twitter is having a hilarious time, taunting the South African National Defence Forces to send the most popular soldier Mabena to help in the war.

In 2019, videos emerged of one Mabena, a military trainee who was not as good as the rest of the recruits. These funny clips have made a comeback.

South Africans are saying since the country is part of BRICS (Brazil, Russia,  India, China and South Africa), South Africa should therefore go and assist Russia, should a World War pitting Russia against Ukraine and NATO ensue.

They add that Mabena should be perfect fit to represent the country. The funny videos being shared on Twitter have shot Mabena up on the Trending list in South Africa.

In one of the videos making rounds, the soldiers are doing a drill in which they have to climb a wall. Mabena seems to have a torrid time scaling the wall, as he is too slow to get over it, or ends up stopping altogether.

“Mabena, please disappoint me again, I knew it, Mabena,”  the person shooting the video laments.

In the other video, the soldiers are running. Each soldier is carrying  the other, horizontally on his soldiers. Mabena seems to be getting exhausted,  as he keeps slowing down. The person recording has no kind words for him.

Author: mzansi