Twitter blames Chris Excel bullying and trolling for Riky Rick’s suicide

Chris Excel, whose alleged real name is Azola Christopher Tabane, is a South African man known for trolling people and posting mean comments on Twitter. He is a self-proclaimed catfish and the president of black Twitter. He was recently blocked by US-based preacher TD Jakes, and tweeps have accused him and other cyberbullies of causing Patrick Shai and Riky Rick’s suicide deaths. Who is the person behind the mask? Herein is all we know regarding the gothic and mysterious internet personality.

Chris Excel is a menace to society and his account exists purely to cause chaos and encourage problematic discourse across the timeline. His words have impact and more and more, his behaviours as renowned catfish, is being called to order.Twitter believes he contributed to Riky’s suicide

One fed up user, @loceric3000 took to twitter to explain why Chris must be de-platformed. They wrote, “Something needs to happen about this account (Chris). Patrick Shai was bullied to death by this same account. Ricky Rick also suffered the same fate. All this cold heartedness for “likes and content”. And we judge the likes of Mr Smeg who just post pots and kettles and forever peaceful 😑”

His statement doesn’t require any think pieces and surely no one needs to defend Chris of these claims. His anonymity is what makes him feel invincible as well as his platform which includes a shocking amount of 765 000 followers. His behavior is always written off as Twitter banter but the reality is that Chris thrives of misogyny and just plain cruelty.

Author: mzansi