Will Cassper Be Heading To Podcast And Chil?

Remember when cocky Cassper made a public pledge that he will go on Podcast and Chill should he lose? Well he might want to polish his game face on because he might be headed to MacG’s podcast if he is a man of his word.

Cassper Nyovest did say if he loses the match, he would make his way to Podcast and Chill with MacG. But he has not said anything about this but fans are still waiting for him to make his way to the podcast.

“If I lose the fight with Naak I will go on MacG’s podcast. If I beat Naak, I’ll never go on that show,” Cassper once tweeted

The team then discussed their thoughts about the match but they had all positive things to say about them.

“Shout out to Cassper’s team…what a f**n success,” said MacG. He said the last time he was this excited was for the 2010 World Cup.

MacG then said he commends them for not buying the match because they could have easily done so. Sol even thought the match would be rigged. 

“Shout out to Cassper for not buying the fight, I respect him for that,” said MacG. “Because he could have easily…”

The hosts joked about how Cassper was very well prepared for this fight and even changed his diet, but ended up taking an L. Naak on the other hand was apparently playing Fifa with his friends in their hotel room. 

MacG then expressed some concern regarding Cassper’s loss. “But I’m worried about Cassper guys, this is gonna take a while for him to accept this. You know he is very sensitive, he is emotional and he hates losing, I don’t think he is gonna come out of this bro,” he said. 

Sol wants Cassper to learn from this and accept that in life you do take L’s and lose. “He could use it as a point of growth, or accept it…or a learning curve.” 

Discussing whether or not Cassper will go to Podcast And Chill, they said he pledged publicly that he would but people would lose respect for him if he does not. 

“It’s a public pledge, if he doesn’t we would all lose respect for him. We admire what he does in the game, and pushing the bar and envelope,” said Sol Phenduka. 

MacG however would not hold his breath, “I don’t think he is going to come though. Cassper never does anything that does not benefit him, so he will never come.” 

MacG said some pretty absurd things about him, “I heard he (Andile) is allegedly sm***ing Cassper’s wife,” said MacG. “And Cassper is apparently sm***ng Kamo Mphela, who he (Andile Mpisane) was sm***ng,” he then added.

Cassper hit back at MacG and said, “Aye man. Niggas really don’t give a fuck hey. I try my best to keep my family way from the bullshit and the lies but still. The worst thing is you can’t do anything about it. Just gadda take it by the chin and keep it moving. Let live and let God deal with it.”

Now Cassper is focused on other matches and said his fans should suggest other celebrities to fight. 

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